Sporting Events

No matter what the final score reads, you’ll always win when you let South Florida Limo take you out to the ballgame. Renting a comfortable limousine for a sporting event lets you talk stats pre-game and rehash the action post-game without the hassle of looking for a parking spot or designating a driver.

South Florida Limo will pick you up before your sporting event and ensure that your limousine has you through the gates and in your seat by the time the competition starts. After the final pitch or whistle, your limousine will be there to make sure you get home safely.

If you have a group headed to a sporting event, the Limousine or Party Bus limousine are big enough for the whole roster. And since many of our limousines include extras like TV/DVD/VCR systems and CD Players, your team is sure to have a great time as you make your way to the big game.

Our limousines are great no matter which team you’re rooting for. All you need to do is put on your jersey, pack a cooler, and South Florida Limo will take care of the rest.

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